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CL500:  Introduction to Canon Law

Course Syllabus 


Bishop James Wilkowski


Course Description


This course is focused on the nexus between law and ministry, the relationship between 
theologies of the Church and the expression of these theologies within the law itself. 


This course will require students to have a working Skype or Google Video Conference Program.


In this course, students will:
1. To examine critically the relationship of law, ecclesiology and ministry.
2. To examine the history and sources of canon law.


Assignment 1:  Religion and Law 

Prepare a 8 - 10 page essay reviewing the examples of religion and law.  Identify any consistent theme or tracts that are evident to you.

Assignment 2:   Law and Moral Purpose by Robert P. George

Prepare a 10 page review of this article, summarizing George's primary thesis and making your response to it.  "Is there such a reality as Law and Moral Purpose?"

Assignment 3:  Law and Morality

Prepare a 6-10 brief responding to the question whether Law and Morality supports each other of does Law and Morality oppose each other.  Consider the pastoral applications to this issue.

Assignment 4:  St. Thomas Aquinas, Natural Law and the Common Good

Prepare a 8 minutes PowerPoint homily based on this article.  You may wish to use the Writing Exercise Questions as part of your PowerPoint presentation.

Assignment 5:  Canon Law and Ecclesiology I 

I am the first to admit that this article is a bit on the dry side, so don't read this if you are going to drive shortly thereafter.

Nevertheless, prepare a 5 page summary of points from this article regarding how the Church and Church law filled the void when society did not have a well developed form of civil law.

Final Paper:  TBA



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