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For a seminary that is currently in its first decade, the obvious question which comes to mind is "what history?"  One needs only to acknowledge that when a newborn takes its very first breath their history begins. In 2006 the newly born Saint John the Evangelist Seminary took its very first breath of life and its history began.

In the beginning.....

Saint John the Evangelist Seminary was established in 2006 by the United States Old Catholic Church under the leadership of Archbishop James Long and Bishop Douglas Preyna - Saint John the Evangelist's first Rector. Saint John's was first created as a "in-house" program of academic formation for candidates preparing for priesthood within their jurisdiction.  It soon became apparent that within the Autocephalous Catholic world that Saint John's was seriously achieving their goal of raising the bar of standards in preparing men and women for priesthood.

Sharing the journey.....

In 2012 the Evangelical Catholic Church became a partner in the Mission of Saint John's and Father Peter Julian McGechie became their first priest to be awarded his Masters of Divinity under a new consortium partnership.  Father Peter's graduation from St. John's solidified and confirmed the grace of the Consortium Model for the future.

Fidelity to the future....

With the retirement of the United States Old Catholic Church in the summer of 2013 the question of the future of Saint John's was never in doubt.

With the gracious assistance of Bishop Preyna, the Evangelical Catholic Church unhesitatingly committed itself to assuming stewardship of Saint John's and to embrace new avenues of opportunities which will enable Saint John's to continue building upon its past as it looks to the future needs of candidates for the priesthood as they prepare for their ultimate service to the People of God.

With trust and faith in the Holy Spirit, Saint John's is preparing for the future with a renewed academic catalogue of options.

In January 2014, Saint John's will offer four academic opportunities for study:

Saint John's academic catalogue continues to offer the Masters of Divinity degree program complimented with the Masters of Theological Studies and the Doctorate of Ministry degree programs.  Saint John's commitment to provide opportunities for Continuing Education for the clergy will now be offered through the Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa Program for Continuing Education.

In keeping with Saint John's desire to witness it's consortium charism, the Ecumenical Catholic Church has become a consortium partner in the mission of Saint John's.

So now.....

The journey and mission of Saint John the Evangelist continues and it's history shall continue to be written.

Join us and become part of our journey, our mission and our history.



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