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HSP 502:  Priestly Ethics   (2 Credit Hours)

Course Syllabus


Instructor TBA




Course Description:


Changing clergy identity, roles, and responsibilities will be addressed in relation to a range of ethical issues faced in congregational life and ministry, including confidentiality, clergy misconduct, and collegiality with professional peers, and the ethics of preaching, counseling, and social witness. A theological framework for ethical pastoral conduct will be developed with attention to issues of power and professionalism and their limits.


Course Objectives:


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of professional ethics and ethical issues with pastoral ministry.
  2. Development of a theological framework for ethical pastoral conduct.
  3. Professional appreciation for a code of ethics in ministry.




Course Themes:


  1. What is a Ethical Priest.
  2. Professionalism, Ethics, Civil and Canon Law and Effective Boundaries.
  3. Ethics of the Past, Present and Future.
  4. Obligations.



Assignments:   TBA



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