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LST 500: Liturgical and Sacramental Theology (2CH)

Course Syllabus



Instructor TBA



Course Description

This course offers the opportunity for students to explore the rich tradition of the Catholic faith through its sacramental theology and practice. The course seeks to engage students in an encounter with this essential dimension of Catholic life. The sacramental experience of reality fosters anawareness of the relationship between Jesus and the Church, as well as an appreciation of the sacredness of God‟s creation. Students will gain a comprehension of Church history, the renewal brought by the Second Vatican Council, the deeply scriptural nature of the seven sacraments. Catholic sacramental spirituality is not about encountering otherworldly phenomena but is rather, an earthy, concrete, personal experience of God's grace, available to all.


Course Goals

1. Appreciate human communication through symbol and ritual.

2. Recognize the value of the study of religion.

3. Identify God's loving presence in her life through a sacramental awareness understand elebration as a way of life, appreciating Gods gifts and rejoicing in them.

4. Understand that sacramental celebration is not a private experience, but rather is shared by the community.

5. Recognize that living a sacramental life means being sacraments of love and service to others, just as Jesus was.

6. Understand that the sacramental life of the Church allows us as a community to experience the Paschal Mystery together, as we pass through death to new life.


REQUIRED TEXT: Celebrating Sacraments by Joseph Stoutzenberger




Sessions 1-4
Introduction to the Course

The study of religion- the "why's and how's"
Religion as “doing” faith together
Key concepts and themes of the course The Catholic Way as deeply sacramental; experiencing God's grace through the five senses
o Old Testament: The Garden—where it all begins and ends
o New Testament: The Banquet— everyone is invited

Sessions 5-7
Chapter 1 Sacraments
Sacramental Awareness
Grace as God's Loving Presence in the World
Receiving God's Offer of Friendship
Film reflection project: Patch Adams

Sessions 8-10
Chapter 2 Symbols
Communicating Through Symbols
Literal Thinking Versus Symbolic Thinking
Symbols and the Sacraments
Reflection project: Symbols in the Chapel

Test: Chapters 1 & 2

Sessions 11-12
Chapter 3 Ritual
Rituals as Actions that Serve as Symbols
Characteristics of Rituals- family, public, religious rituals
Rituals and Worship


Sessions 13-14
Chapter 4 Prayer
Sacred Time and Space
Paths to Intimacy with God
Praying “All Ways”
PowerPoint project: The Place where I Pray


Test: Chapters 3 & 4

Sessions 15-18
Chapter 5 Jesus Christ and the Church-- Christology
Jesus, fully Divine and fully Human
The Trinity
We are the Sacrament of Christ to the World

Test: Chapter 5


Sessions 19-20
Chapter 6 Sacraments in History-- Ecclesiology
Church History and Western Civilization
The development of doctrine; the task of the theologian
PowerPoint Project—Church History Timeline


Session 20
Review for Midterm Exam
Session 21
Midterm Exam



Sessions 22-24
Chapter 7 Baptism
Initiation; Welcome to our Community
The Ritual of Baptism
Baptism and Salvation

Quiz Chapter 7


Sessions 25-26
Chapter 8 Confirmation
Growth in the Spirit- a lifelong process
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
PowerPoint Confirmation Presentation
Quiz Chapter 8


Sessions 27-29
Chapter 9 Eucharist- “the source and summit of the Christian life”
Christ present in the Eucharist
The Banquet
Life and Eucharist as One- to BE the Body of Christ
Quiz Chapter 8
Film reflection project: The Trouble with Angels


Session 30
Review and Test Chapters 7, 8 & 9


The Sacraments of Healing

Sessions 31-32
Chapter 10: Reconciliation
Acknowledging our sin; telling our story
Healing our relationships w/ God, ourselves, the community
PowerPoint Presentation - Reconciliation


Sessions 33-34
Chapter 11: the Anointing of the Sick
Jesus as healer; Anointing- an ancient practice
Healing the whole person
Hope through the resurrection

PowerPoint Presentation - Anointing of the Sick


Session 35
Review and Test Chapters 10 & 11


The Sacraments of Vocation

Sessions 36-37
Chapter 12 Matrimony
Covenant and Creativity
Image of Christ and the Church
The married couple as servants to the community
Matrimony- PowerPoint Presentation


Sessions 38-39
Chapter 13 Holy Orders
Priests as servant- leaders
Representing Christ
Holy Orders- PowerPoint Presentation


Final Project  TBA





The Evangelical Catholic Church: A Welcoming Community of Faith Rooted in the Catholic Tradition

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