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LST 503:  Eucharist  (2CH) 

Course Syllabus


Instructor TBA


Course Description:
The Eucharist is first and foremost a ritual meal, a sharing in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ by the community founded in His name. It is something one does, not something about which one talks. No more important statement can be made about the Lord's Supper. It is a celebration, a way of life: a celebration of a way of life.

Despite this central insight, Christians have spoken about the Eucharist, fought about it and thought about it for centuries. This course will offer an introduction to the history, theology and celebration of the Eucharist.

Required Texts:

Gary Macy, The Banquet’s Wisdom, 2nd ed. (OLS Publications, 2005)
Edward Foley, From Age to Age, 2nd ed. (Liturgical Press, 2008)

Short Papers and Description of Liturgy:

Eight short papers of at least two pages (double-spaced typing) will be required for each class (excluding the first and last class). Students should be prepared to discuss their papers at the beginning of each class. The papers should pick one theme, person or event discussed in the readings for that week. The student should explain the importance for Christian history of that theme, person or event and also provide evidence for the importance of that topic.

Each student will also required to attend a liturgy of the Mass during the last week of the course. After attending the liturgy, they should write a reflection paper of no more than 5 pages explaining how they see the Mass differently after having taken the course.

Schedule of Readings:

Macy, chapters 1 and 2; Foley, chapter 1 and 2
Macy, chapter 3; Foley, chapter 3
Macy, chapter 4; Foley, chapter 4
Macy, chapter 5; Foley, chapter 5
Macy, chapter 6 and 7
Foley, chapter 6
Foley, chapter 7
Joseph Martos, The Sacraments, chapter 5 *
Karl Rahner, “The Eucharist and Our Daily Lives” *

* Available on internet


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