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PS 501:  Homiletics   (2 Credit Hours)

Course Syllabus


Father David Verhasselt



Course Description


Introduction to Homiletics is a one-semester course that gives students the opportunity to look at the theology, tradition and practice of Catholic preaching. Students will examine particular questions, issues and challenges in homiletics from a Catholic perspective, survey the development of preaching throughout Church history, and articulate the characteristics and practice of good preaching. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Homiletics in which they apply a developed theology of preaching.


Course Objectives


  • Define the Catholic understanding of the homily.
  • Differentiate Catholic liturgical preaching from preaching in other traditions.
  • Determine and respond to key issues, challenges and questions in homiletics.
  • Identify the characteristics of effective preaching.
  • Explain and employ methods for homiletic preparation.
  • Identify developments in the history of Catholic preaching.


Required Text


Waznak, Robert P.  An Introduction to the Homily,  Liturgical Press: Collegeville, MN, 2005

ISBN 0 8145 2502 9




1.      Prepare a five page report/reflection on the most recent homily you have heard.  How spiritually and emotionally effective was it?  What was the style of the homilist?

2.      Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on Homiletic Stereotypes.

3.      Interview with a homilist for their insights, experiences and general thoughts about preaching.

4.      Prepare a seven minutes homily via Skype.




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