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ST 516:  Creation & Eschatology  (3CH)

Course Syllabus



Instructor TBA



Course Description

The first part of the course will examine the Catholic hope for an absolute future in the Risen Christ. We will investigate the following subjects: the nature and basis of Christian hope; death, the immortality of the soul, the resurrection of the body, heaven, hell, purgatory, petitionary prayer and the consummation of history in the Parousia.

The second part of the course will investigate the Catholic belief in creation. We will approach creation as the foundation of God's union with humanity in Christ. The course will also investigate the Fall and Original Sin. Biblical traditions about creation will be considered as well as contemporary theologies of creation and the fall. Throughout this section of the course attention will be given to magisterial teachings on creation and the Fall.


Envisioned Outcomes

1) To become familiar doctrinally and theologically with the Christian hope for the absolute future in the Risen Christ; how this impacts our understanding of the human person, body and soul and how this hope entails a hope for a new human communion in the Blessed Trinity.

2) To become aware of the distinctive nature of the Christian doctrine of creation.

3) To acquire knowledge about the doctrine of original sin and gain a sense of contemporary efforts to better understand the doctrine.

4) To further expand the student's ability to think theologically.



Course Requirements

One homily assignment, one online PowerPoint assignment or book review and several short written assignments that answer focus questions on the readings, a written exam, and oral final at the end of the course.


1. Homily/Book Review assignment.

Homily Option. Each student has write a homily revolving around the course themes of eschatology, sin and creation. The homily will critique how they appear in the movie Flatliners or The Matrix Reloaded. These movies are to provide the cultural setting for the homily. For details on this assignment contact instructor. The homily will be no less than 5 type written pages and is due November 30.

Book Review Option consists of a review of Carl Olson, Will Catholics be Left Behind? (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2003)


2.  PowerPoint Assignment  TBA


3. Other Writing Assignments

Several shorter writing assignments make up part of the final grade. These short writing assignments - 200 words minimum length - involve answering focus question(s). The focus questions together with the due date of the short writing assignments are given below.

Focus Questions for Eschatology:

Focus Questions for TBA Schonbom reading: In what sense does Schonbom think that we can speak of a distance between the kingdom and the Church? Explain. Does Schonbom think we should speak of the Church as a sacrament of the kingdom? Explain.

Focus Question for TBA, Schonbom reading: If the saints in heaven enjoy the beatific vision what can the resurrection add to it? Is the resurrection merely an ornament? How does Schonborn try to answer this question?

Focus Question for TBA, Kasper Reading: Why does Kasper reject the idea that the consummation of the cosmos is not merely the ripening of evolution and of history. Why is Kasper reluctant to speak of the Parousia as involving a repeated entrance of Christ into time?

Focus Question for Creation section:

Focus Question for TBA How does God understand freedom in the state of original innocence? Explain.


Required Texts

Michael Schmaus, God and Creation, tr. Ann Laeuchli, (Westminster: Christian Classics, 1986).

Joseph Ratzinger, In the Beginning: A Catholic Understanding of Creation and the Fall, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmanns, 1995).

Zachary Hayes, Vision of a Future, Collegeville: (Liturgical Press, 1989).

Christoph Schonborn, From Death to Life, (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1995).


Additional Assignments TBA



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